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How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in Lawrence, Massachusetts?

A variety of factors determine the cost of a new roof replacement. The costs are itemized below. A roof is your home's first line of protection against inclement weather. A sturdy roof keeps the house dry. However, if your roof is aged, sagging, or leaking, it's time to consider replacing it.

2022 the average roof replacement cost was roughly $15,000.00, with roofing projects ranging from $13,500 to $18,000.00. On average, a roofing job can cost as little as $5.50 per square foot and as much as $7.50 per square foot.

The home itself will suggest where you will fall in this price bracket. Is it a ranch-style home (which is easier), a colonial-style home, a one-story home, or a three-story home?

The following factors influence the cost of a roof replacement:

  • Home Type: Colonial, Ranch, and Victorian

  • Steepness and number of stories: 1 story, two stories, three stories/ 6/10 slope, 10/12 slope, 12/12 slope

  • Roofing Layers: 1 layer, two layers, three layers

  • Repair or replacement of plywood or wood boards

  • Skylights: new or refurbished

  • Reflash or re-lead the chimney

  • Soffit Ventilation: Is it required to upgrade or not?

  • Material choice: Good, Better, Best

  • Warranty options include in-house warranties and extended manufacturer warranties.

  • Costs of labor: small local handyman or full-service roofing firm

  • Location: Each town has varying permission and material delivery prices.

  • Roof Size: The cost of roofing is determined per square foot.

The kind of property determines the cost of a roof replacement, the square footage of the home, and the materials and warranties chosen.

Home Design

The cost of the roof is determined by the type of property you have. Some house roofs require less safety staging and are easier to install than others. A ranch roof, for example, is a roofer's dream since it often has one or two walls and is not very high off the ground. This roof style will require fewer installers and less safety staging equipment for re-roofing. On the other hand, a Victorian roof is a very difficult re-roof that will need twice the installers and far more onsite staging.

How Tall Is Your Roof? What Is The Pitch Of Your Roof?

The taller and steeper the roof, the greater the risk. When a roofing job has a greater level of hazard, the roofing contractor will ensure that the essential fall protection equipment is staged and used by the roofers. That isn't to say they don't accomplish it on ranch-style roofs; it's simply that roofing installers will require additional safety and support on higher roofs.

The Number Of Roofing Layers

How many levels of roofing do you currently have on your house? What is the composition of these layers? Prices will vary depending on whether your roof has numerous levels and if the layers are asphalt, metal, slate, or wood shakes. A multi-layered roof necessitates additional dumpster rental and labor charges.

Boards Of Plywood Or Solid Wood

The integrity of the roof decking determines the health and durability of the roof. The re-roofing process can only commence if the roof decking is in good condition. The roofing contractor will check the roof rafters, the roof wood boards or plywood (whatever the home has), and the fascia and trim once the old roof has been completely removed. All of them are components of the roof deck and are critical components of the roofing system. The expenses can be more significant if your roof needs wood repairs.


Skylights situated on the roof are considered part of the roofing system and are included in the cost of a new roof. When given the opportunity, skylights should be replaced with a new roof every 15-20 years afterward. If you need to replace skylights on your present roof, the cost of your new roofing system will rise. Skylight costs vary according to size and model.


Do you have chimneys on your roof? If so, how many are there, and how big are they? Chimneys are the most common source of leaks in roofing systems. Depending on their size and design, chimneys will frequently raise the cost of your new roof. To properly flash a roof chimney, extra materials such as lead flashing and a qualified roofer are required to guarantee that the lead flashing is appropriately put with the new roof shingles and chimney bricks. Chimneys will raise the cost of the roof, but they should not be considered optional. Chimney flashing/re-leading is required.

Ventilation In The Soffit

The key to extending the life of your roofing shingles is ventilation. The better the ventilation, the longer the life of your roofing shingles. Let us remember that ventilation has a significant impact on ice dams. Suppose you update your roof's ventilation system (highly recommended). In that case, the cost of the roof will be affected.

Material Choice: Good, Better, Best.

Roof shingles are not all made equal. When calculating your roof expenses, choose a "good" material to save money, as all roofing shingles in today's market have a predicted life expectancy of 50 years.

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